Instructional Project Design is a unique year-long course designed for advanced high school students, many of whom concurrently enroll in an educational design course at UM-Flint.  The course focuses on the design, creation and implementation of web-based educational programs.

Students enrolled in this course will address fundamental issues in web-based education while learning to employ sophisticated web based technologies in constructing online educational environments. Using web-coding languages like Lasso or PHP, HTML, CSS and DHTML; database systems like mySQL; design tools such as Photoshop; and other web-based technologies such as Flash, Javascript (as well as non-web technologies as applicable), students will work in product teams to construct a a major project for community use.



 An IPD class meets at a local coffeeshop

Emphasis is given to designing web environments that encourage thoughtful and socially responsible interaction amongst peers, both online and offline. No prior programming experience is presumed, but basic computer and Internet literacy are prerequisite.

In IPD, students are challenged to:

IPD projects are made for real clients with real, pressing needs.  They have included the Michigan legislature, diplomats at The United Nations, hospitals, art galleries, museums, and other civic, cultural and educational institutions.