Note: this program is on semi-sabbatical.  It is presently being used only by students in Brazil.

The Rivers Project connects students around the world as they explore the culture, science, and beauty of the world's rivers. Students are given the opportunity to investigate a variety of topics using rivers as their springboard. These can be, and have been, as varied as environmental and political issues surrounding a body of water, to Native American folklore and the historical significance of rivers. Through the ever-expanding forum of the Internet, students are then given the opportunity to share their knowledge with peers, whether across the room or across the globe.

We see technology as a tool that can help youth engage in an increasingly connected world. But the beauty of this project is that it does not attempt to replace existing educational systems, but rather complement them. In RiverWalk (the online component of the Rivers Project), students have the chance to take "virtual tours" and then create their own, with the guidance of university student mentors. Additionally, it is a project that transcends age, gender, location, and even language barriers. Participants range in age from 3rd grade all the way through high school. Currently groups from Japan, Israel, Brazil, Taiwan, Canada, and the U.S. are on board.

If you are interested in participating in the Rivers Project, please contact Jeff Kupperman at (734) 764-5547.