A Teacher's Introduction to the Arab-Israeli Conflict Simulation

Video conversations with Curt Hansen (of the Wellington School in Columbus, Ohio), a veteran Arab-Israeli Conflict Simulation facilitator.

Curt talks with AIC director Jeff Stanzler about arousing the interest of students in the simulation.

Curt talks about the 'hook' of working with college student mentors.

Can the simulation help students to learn about Economics?

How about Government?

Curt talks about the array of skills that AIC can help to cultivate.

<>Logistics of the Game: Private Messages and Press Releases

Logistics of the Game: What to say in a Press Release?

Logistics of the Game: The Action Form

Logistics of the Game: Action Forms and Consequences

Student Learning: Dealing Productively with Frustration

Student Learning: Seeing a More Nuanced World

Student Learning: Negotiations and Self-Advocacy

Student Learning: Developing Student Agency