ImagineNation Matters

ImagineNation Matters "virtual tour" modules are like storybooks come to life, in which upper elementary students can explore the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald, experience the human drama of the Underground Railroad, or traverse the history of Mackinac Island. Each of our modules is in the form of a story that involves protagonists of the approximate age of our student participants.

Click here to find out more about the ImagineNation Matters story modules. You'll also find descriptive information about each module, including a downloadable document that lists relevant Michigan curricular standards and benchmarks, and directions on how to view the actual modules and the teacher resources.


As the students turn the pages of their virtual storybook, they are prompted with questions to consider. The students' comments are responded to by University of Michigan student mentors, who speak in the voices of the characters in the stories. These mentored conversations continue throughout the tour, offering students a chance to develop writing and research skills while they experience important moments in our state's history (and have fun, too!)

In our project design, we seek to create compelling spaces for students to explore issues related to culture and our natural world, while deepening their knowledge of the social and historical contexts in which those issues emerged.  We make use of character play and story to both dramatize and personalize these events and issues, hoping to provide ample space for the exercise of our participants' creative imaginations.

**ImagineNation Matters is on hiatus for Winter 2017** To find out more about ImagineNation Matters, please view this tutorial and/or contact Jeff Stanzler ( 734-763-5950)