Testimonials about MSC

The following are unsolicited testimonials from students enrolled in EDU 362 at The University of Michigan's Ann Arbor campus during Fall, 2005:

Unsolicited testimonials from participants: Fall, 2005

I just wanted to thank you for providing this experience. I think this is a great program that I would definitely like to stay involved in as well as recommend to other people.

- Jared Belson

I had a great time being a part of this experience.

- Chris Consalus

Thanks for giving me a chance to be part of the MSC.

- Mark Robbins

Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate in this great exercise in civic engagement. Good luck next semester with the MSC and you can bet that I will still log on and see what's happening.

- Chris Hartemayer

Thank you, this was a very unique and rewarding experience! I truly enjoyed being part of the MSC and will definitely recommend it as a great and interesting class!

- Maggie Fogel

I really enjoyed being there [at the hearing] and thought it was a great experience. Thank you for making that possible.

- Lisa Kahn

Thanks for a great semester.  Can we still participate in the MSC next semester even if we are not enrolled?

- Jeff Malach

Thank you for such a great academic and political experience...I greatly enjoyed joing and being a part of the MSC. Hopefully we can see some positive results come from our work!

- Brett Weinberg

I think this course is a great idea and it provided me with a great experience.  I appreciate all of the hard work you guys have put into the caucus and especially the website, making sure everything is in order and there are no bugs.

- Jared Annapolen

I wanted to tell both of you how much I truly learned from participating in a class with the focus on online discussions.  Its a unique experience and I am glad I got to enjoy it.

- Stuart Doyle

I would like to note that this online experience was new for me and something I truly enjoyed.  Thanks for letting me be a part of the MSC.

- Rachel Stern

Thanks again for a great semester. I really enjoyed being part of the MSC online community and am excited to be part of MSC again next semester!

- Lexi Dauber

It has been a great experience participating in the MSC and I definitely plan on continuing to log into the website and voicing my opinions.

- Matthew Licavoli

It was a great class, I really enjoyed it!

- Rachel Antor

Thank you for running a really interesting course.

-David Bickel

I have to feel grateful that I was part of this class.  I mentioned this to Gary via-email that I have never felt so involved with the world through a class I have taken at this University.  Being directly involved with representatives of Michigan is such an opportunity that I will never forget.  I believe, given the circumstances of the first caucus, that we did a fantastic job.  I hope that 2 years from now I can look up the advancement of this program and see large strides (which I do expect).  With group participation and the help of other students, we can achieve more goals.

- Rony Kravel

I did not come into the Michigan Student Caucus thinking that I would learn as much from it as I did.  It is something that I would like to remain a part of for a long while.  MSC got me thinking about subjects I wouldn’t normally think about in ways I don’t normally think in.  It got me thinking about issues of politics in society and realizing how important each of them is to society.

- Mark Robbins

Over the course of the semester, the professionalism and the depth of knowledge that has come from within the MSC has been remarkable.  Students in the caucus have been extremely polite and respectful during disagreements with fellow classmates, and produced an abundance of scholarly research with each resolution to explain why their thoughts should be taken seriously.   Discussions in general have focused on very relevant issues in society, and have explored every possible perspective of all issues.  The thing that was the most beneficial for me was the wide range of opinions that people had on all of the issues.  After watching the development of different resolutions, and our platform, I cannot say that I am surprised that Congress was so impressed with our presentation. Furthermore, I look forward to remaining involved in the caucus, and keeping track of the platform purposed to the state government.

- Scott Sussman